Cover Story

Cover Story

Tiffany Shepis

Even if you’ve never seen one of the many films that Tiffany Shepis has been a part of, the chances of you knowing her name are great. A seemingly ubiquitous presence at conventions, a staple of Sci-Fi Channel cinema, Bravo’s Scariest Movies panel member; Tiffany Shepis is everywhere and the horror genre couldn’t be happier to have her. Whether you’re seeing her during her early Troma days, or last year’s ‘Nightmare Man’, one of the ‘Films to Die For’, there’s no doubt that your attention is always drawn to Tiffany. Now meet the woman under the actress. All photos courtesy of Dave Wilber

JP (John) Kaufmann writes a loving tribute to one of the greatest of our genre, Forrest J. Ackerman. He was among the most loved and is dearly missed. We wish to thank Uncle Forry for all the love he gave us. Many of us would not be here today had it not been for the inspiration of this man.

Hacker’s Source welcomes new Managing Editor Franklin E.Wales. Having been a staff writer for us for over 3 years, Frank has become a staple between the pages. Stepping up to help Eve run the publication is a challenge. One he is ready and willing to take on. We are proud to have him. Photo courtesy of Jacki Wales.

Indie horror fans know all about Shriekfest, the Los Angeles Horror/Sci-Fi Festival that’s one of the top genre showcases in the United States today. But, does anyone know the woman behind it all? I thought it would be fun to take a peek behind the scenes and pick the brain of Denise Gossett, a woman who not only works hard to introduce us to the top films of the genre but is in her own right a fabulous actress. Let’s find out what really scares this fresh-faced, brand-new mom. Photos courtesy of Shriekfest

For Jimmy McDonough, the road to an obsession for knowledge came early in life. It’s a trait that has both blessed Jimmy and dammed him simultaneously. His biographies on Neil Young, Andy Milligan, and Russ Meyer have either delighted or enraged critics with their depth. No one runs lukewarm on Jimmy McDonough. It’s either hot or cold. That’s okay with Jimmy. He’s the first to admit his writing is longwinded, and that his books are not an easy sell.

This issue introduces a long time Hacker fan/supporter David Schmidt. David is also a filmmaker with the true heart of the indie spirit. He is a learn by doing the type of guy and jumped in the trenches to do what he loves, and that is to make films.

After making five feature films in the past five years in Northeastern Ohio, the Campbell Brothers recently relocated to Austin, Texas. Judging from their talent, their passion and will to get films made, these underground auteurs are an inspiration to many, and will likely wow audiences with their future endeavors.

Joe Ostrica has kept very busy, producing three feature films in two years. He also plans on making the Cleveland, Ohio-based outfit the go-to underground studio for fans of horror, B-Movies, and exploitation cinema by producing 3-5 movies per year.