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Mission Statement

From its debut in 2000 the goal of Hacker's Source magazine has remained the same: To showcase the best in the independent horror entertainment industry. Be it motion pictures, music or the written word, our readers are presented with stories they won't find anywhere else. It is our continuing goal to increase our market share while at the same time bringing to light some of the as of yet undiscovered talent out there. We at Hacker's salute the independent whether they are working on a budget of five hundred dollars or five hundred thousand. Our only criteria is that you entertain us.


A letter from Publisher, Eve Blaack

In 1999 we started out as an online fiction/slasher/who-did-it, mystery email game called Horror Hacker that slowly evolved into an email fiction zine and a website to house it all. The next step in our evolution was to naturally get a print edition (The Hacker's Source) of our favorite stuff together. Those first issues were only for fun among our little online group. We are still evolving to this day.

Horror Hacker was my idea, based on a dream I had. I was the one that organized the game, the online fiction group, so it all just naturally became my baby. Horror has always been my passion. I love to be scared or made uneasy by film. Horror gets a bad rap by the general public and the horror genre is just fun. You will never see a romantic comedy convention.

We love anything horror related. Halloween, film, books, music, comics, art, short stories, toys, collectable's. God willing, and with some hard work and good luck, we will see how we keep evolving. One thing is certain; our future will bring you bigger and better things.

Hacker's was and is designed to be a stepping-stone for the new writer, filmmaker artist etc to get in print and be seen or heard. There is so much untapped talent out there struggling. Please see our submission page for details.